We tell the conservation story

BDT reminds everyone of the incredible story of preservation in which over 27,000 contiguous acres are preserved in our community. The story begins many, many years ago.  The efforts of many individuals, families and organizations have contributed to the impressive achievement of preservation which has provided an outstanding quality of life for today and for the future.

BDT encourages appreciation and community involvement for preservation through a variety of activities listed here.


Prior to 1980's


Prior to the 1980's ​and the King Ranch Project there were minimal farms under conservation easement. Many of these easements were for steep slopes and wet lands protection, and not the type of easements known today.

The 1980's King Ranch Project


During the mid-1980's, the King Ranch Project was formed through the guidance of the Brandywine Conservancy. This provided an important nucleus of 5,400 acres preserved, and included the creation of the 771 acre  Laurels Preserve.



Today, the community enjoys over 27,000 contiguous acres which are permanently preserved.

We promote conservation in our community

Projects in the local preserves


BDT volunteers repurposed the outbuilding in The Laurels for a pilot program. It will be used as interactive learn station complete with info on hydrology, botany, and historical facts in The Laurels. Additionally, BDT restored the Laurels Preserve kiosks.

The Laurels Campaign and more


BDT works closely with all area land trusts on specific projects. We have worked with Natural Lands to help secure funding on an addition to the ChesLen Preserve. Most recently we are working with Brandywine Conservancy on specific restoration , infrastructure projects in The Laurels.

Restoring the Covered Bridges


BDT assisted with fundraising for the Laurels Covered Bridges Restoration Project. BDT helped raise $200,000 of the needed $400,000 to complete the project.  Matching funds were from the challenge grant from the Robert J. Kleberg, Jr. and the Helen C. Kleberg Foundation

We host community events supporting conservation

Spring Fling


The entire community is invited to a pancake breakfast at the covered bridge in The Laurels Preserve. It is generally held the 3rd Sunday in May.

Fall/Winter Evening


Keeping with the original format when founded in 1986, the BDT board members host a special evening for those members who own conserved properties.

Educate on Conservation


Education programs are held focusing on conservation practices. This includes the annual program for the local kids at the Cheshire Hunt camp.



Trash pick ups are organized 4 times a year to clean up the Rt 82 corridor which is the heart of the King Ranch.

Support Land Trusts' Events


Work together with local land trusts such as Brandywine Conservancy and Natural Lands to support their conservation efforts and events.

Have Fun!


As Frolic Weymouth always said..."Let's have fun!".......BDT hosts fun events our

 Wear your Conservation Hat party!